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Moving Forward: Its Not as Difficult as You Think!

  Things are changing yet again things are in limbo. That's ok and yes Covid19 is still here. That's not ok but we are getting through it. Unfortunately, some changes have taken effect. For Example, having to wear a mask on buses and on public transport. These changes have already been taking place particularly in China and Asia. As if people have colds they wear masks out of courtesy for the other people in the towns or villages where they are. So these things are happening here in the UK. Closer to home things are also moving forward and it is exciting! There has been a bit of stagnation waiting for things moving but that is ok! Moving forward isn't that hard if you try to take each day at a time. I am learning to do this. I have no proper routine as per se because of my disability but that's ok. there however things that I have been doing daily not necessarily at the same time. Watch positive GoalPost videos Listen to the news  Socially say good morning to peo

what is it to now move forward rather than stagnate?! What does everyone else think?

  I'm doing some stuff here because I wanted to make sure that I've been busy enough to do things. It's been extraordinary, hot, as everyone knows, here in the UK and possibly everywhere else, I don't know. what it's like in any other country. The reason why I'm popping on today is that, as I said last time, I've had my eyebrows and my lashes and everything else done. I'm thinking, well actually, this is as I said before, it is a necessity for people like myself who are disabled, not just a treat. Although it is a treat at the same time as a necessity, because of the way things I've done, and the way things are treated for people with such a disability or cerebral palsy in finding places to go. I found a really good one in Maidstone and I will be sticking to them. They've already liked my Instagram so I will put them there and I'll give you the link to my in the notes. As things are going for life, things are better than they have been and