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what is it to now move forward rather than stagnate?! What does everyone else think?

  I'm doing some stuff here because I wanted to make sure that I've been busy enough to do things. It's been extraordinary, hot, as everyone knows, here in the UK and possibly everywhere else, I don't know. what it's like in any other country. The reason why I'm popping on today is that, as I said last time, I've had my eyebrows and my lashes and everything else done. I'm thinking, well actually, this is as I said before, it is a necessity for people like myself who are disabled, not just a treat. Although it is a treat at the same time as a necessity, because of the way things I've done, and the way things are treated for people with such a disability or cerebral palsy in finding places to go. I found a really good one in Maidstone and I will be sticking to them. They've already liked my Instagram so I will put them there and I'll give you the link to my in the notes. As things are going for life, things are better than they have been and