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Sunday, December 18

A longer wait than I thought!

Why am I writing now?

The reason I am writing now is because there is a longer waiting period than I had thought or had hoped for. I wanted to explain why I haven't written for such a long time.

What has been happening?

I had thought we would have moved by now but that isn't the case. The local council has very limited housing and because the needs I have the number of homes are reduced even further. This has made things very stressful. I know that it's the right decision even though the timing is off in my opinion.

What's the plan?

For the next 6 - 8 weeks it is a waiting game. The reason is because of where we are now. Most of our stuff is packed up in boxes ready to go. We were to be leaving in late November. However, that did not happen. Then we had thought that maybe mid December like the previous one a couple of years ago but that's not happening either! Now we are not sure when exactly or where. Yet it will be within the next 6-8 weeks. This means that we are where we are for the holiday season. 

Feelings about it!

There's so many different types of feelings going on within me and the family as a whole. The feelings include the following.

  • Anger
  • Frustration 
  • Worry
  • Annoyance
  • Acception 
  • Excitement
  • Happiness

All of these feelings are felt all at once and individually. Throughout the day and sometimes at night. Meaning that I find it difficult to get to sleep.  

All of these feelings are normal, I know. Yet they can really disrupt me.


This is because they turn my attention to them rather than what I want to do, which is either writing, recording my radio show or spending time with the rest of the family.

The meantime!

During this time I won't be writing much if at all during this time as boxes are everywhere and making me unstable. So I am just sitting, watching TV, reading, listening to podcasts, audiobooks as well as slowly getting ready for the move. And doing lots of self development stuff as the cerebral palsy has many secondary problems. Some of them are mental health issues and others are physical problems that have occurred over time. These include for me the following:

  1. General anxiety disorder.
  2. Clinical depression.
  3. Panic attacks.
  4. Bone damage.
  5. Arthritis.
  6. Post impairment syndrome.
  7. Bone disfigurement.

Some of these have been life long and some of them have been arriving the older I get. These include:

  • Bone disfigurement
  • Arthritis 
  • Post impairment syndrome.

What does this mean?

For me this has meant that with the stress of everything regarding the move has meant that my moods and physical ability has been restricted as I have either been trying to help pack up again or felt so awful that I have not been able to do anything.

What's next?

So while I am staying relatively quiet except on Instagram @sweetestmoonuk where you can find me daily.

Thursday, September 30

Moving on

 Right Now

I'm writing this because I haven't had much to say recently. I changed provider for the blog and life has got in the way.  Using some of the older posts and certainly cerebral palsy has played a lot in my life. And it will for the rest of it. 
Many people think that it is some kind of disease that is contagious. It is not possible to catch brain damage. I talk about it in Life with Diplegic Mixed Cerebral Palsy
Although my case is fairly mild there are so many different aspects of my life that it dictates long term decisions. Not just the short term ones.

For a long time, I have been trying to support myself and my family while doing things that others are doing.
This includes network marketing and multi-level marketing. While living in a place that we have outgrown as a family. I have personally been struggling to cope while living in it. So my health mentally and physically has suffered badly. I decided that I should go back to what I love which is blogging and writing.
What's Next. 
At the moment, we are in a sort of limbo, while we find somewhere that is more suitable for the whole family. And we can't wait for the actual move and start moving on to the future more positive than it has been. 
While We Wait
So while we house hunt I have learned a new hobby and loving it so far as well as learning how to use a new system for my blog. Which is a good thing as I want to educate people.
Have there been any changes? That has meant that you have had to make big changes to your life? 
I'd so love to hear what they are. 
Love and Peace 

So Much freedom


I can't wait to put out more book reviews. It is so freeing.

Since focusing more on my blog I have been able to focus on more books that are for pleasure.
So although my last review was a self-help book in the post I really enjoyed it. 

I chose the book because there were both aspects of education and pleasure. I think books should be for pleasure but also for learning. I know that when I was at school studying for my GCSEs I hated reading.

I was only reading books that were for my exams and nothing for pleasure.

Again I felt like that while reading business books when I was working in Multi-Level-Marketing or Network Sales.
I know that they were important to read to help me grow as a business owner but I prefer to read for pleasure.

Right now I am in the process of reading a new book to review which will be out soon. Unlike the last book, the book I am reading at the moment is for pleasure.

I like a lot of different genres such as crime, mystery, biography, history and many more. And I love reading different authors and new ones although I have my favourite writers. These include Terry Pratchett, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, just to name a few.

I would love to know who your favourite authors are and see if there is someone I haven’t read yet. Tell me what your favourite book is? And I will see if it is something that I have not read. Then maybe I can read it.
Let me know what you like

Love and Peace


Moving Forward: Its Not as Difficult as You Think!

 Things are changing yet again things are in limbo. That's ok and yes Covid19 is still here. That's not ok but we are getting through it.

Unfortunately, some changes have taken effect. For Example, having to wear a mask on buses and on public transport.
These changes have already been taking place particularly in China and Asia. As if people have colds they wear masks out of courtesy for the other people in the towns or villages where they are.

So these things are happening here in the UK. Closer to home things are also moving forward and it is exciting! There has been a bit of stagnation waiting for things moving but that is ok! Moving forward isn't that hard if you try to take each day at a time. I am learning to do this. I have no proper routine as per se because of my disability but that's ok. there however things that I have been doing daily not necessarily at the same time.
  • Watch positive GoalPost videos
  • Listen to the news 
  • Socially say good morning to people
  • Get ready for the day.
  • Say happy birthday to people online.
  • Watch a few episodes of my favourite tv shows while brainstorming in my own head.
  • Take a couple of social photos ready for my social media.
  • Read a book that I'm interested in
And I am ok with that because I know at least it's being done. I know I did a post on Being trapped in the house about time blocking for routines and I know I have written other posts about this too and I learned that because of my disability my time blocking is different to most people and it is up to you how you actually do it. 
Remember there are things are changing but try to stay positive. Blocking my time has really helped even though there has been a lot of challenges throughout there are difficulties because of the virus. Love and Peace  Xxx

Moving forward! a different way for me!

 I'm writing this by using my voice as it seems to be quicker so that I can get more written up in a short of time for what I want to talk about because of my disability and my feelings of depression.

This post is just going to be about how I've been feeling properly over the last couple of months I wanted to make sure that the disabled people were being noticed generally in the public eye not just hidden away and ignored because of problems. Not astigmatism in the sense of people. However, it is not working so well talking about how the way I feel because of the way things have been regarding my disability and frustrations and I know that life will change in the future.
but I don't want to I want to be as normal as possible and it's not always possible to.

I know that I have a limited time with the ability to walk, that's not much longer and will end up in a wheelchair. which is not what I want, but it is what will happen if I'm not careful.

So l when I decided to write this out today. I decided that I’d rather do it quickly via voice typing rather than type exactly what I'm saying until I've finished what I wanted to talk about.

Because I wanted to
mentioned in another post and that is my day-to-day feelings of depression blog. it's not nice all the time. it has a positive side of things because I can write more often, quickly and that I have no criticisms from the other people who I would generally consider as high-end bloggers. however much I would like to do it as a job and just what I'm trying to do I'm not doing it in the considered normal way because of my disability abilities and so there are days I do and there are days when I want to just curl up and not do anything. I would rather than not do anything I've decided to a daily blog on Tumblr. And put my actual thoughts out. Whereas this is just going to be a summary of what has been going on because this is something I haven't thought was viable for this website. Because it's not saying everything but maybe I should do more about that, or not, I haven't got a clue. I will be going to this in more detail possibly in more posts. other than I am going to start typing out this way because it's a lot easier for me than spending hours every day typing up. I can just think about what is being said and added directly into my post before editing it and getting ready to be posted and up on the site. it also means that I will be able to deal less. Because I can say what I want and not just type what I'm thinking using complicated words and using less complicated words so much I would do and pass it through and edit it making sure that it's for people who understand what I'm talking about and having complex needs with my cerebral palsy. I have made it very difficult at times to write and say anything in the actual blog without feeling awful.

So this is another way of doing it yet quickly. Doing short posts on Tumblr seme easier than the other way for me.

The conditions I have got with the condition is clinical depression, g a d which is, general anxiety disorder, endometriosis and arthritis. A lot of the time I'm I'm not feeling like I can say anything positive about my disability. it's this frustrating me it's making me feel like I can't do anything and I began to post today on my Tumblr post log because of the way I was feeling and it can be quickly written. And this can't be. Because it needs to be formatted in a way that people can understand what I'm talking about. I'm learning to collaborate because it is making it easier. I will put it in a section for the website so that it can be got at privately by someone if they want to read this one rather than outright public I want to give us much as I can for free about disability yet I want to be able to earn a little bit. I again do that to improve my podcast, my vlogs once a week and my blog.

I have been testing it, seeing how much I can get written up rather than typing. It does make it a lot more easily use for me to do. I will be thinking about typing this quickly each day and putting more out by this way and if I don't use Google, directly for it then I will be using which is another format for my website. That I use when I do the vlogs, audio for my podcast, before the written version which I put on my blog.

So far though this has been the best way to get what I want to say rather than typing. Because I'm able to keep up with what I'm thinking rather than having to stop and type everything. Mentally it is a freer way of saying something rather than having to type and it makes it a lot easier for me and the less stressful, mental deadline for each post I write.

Thank goodness!! You have a moving date!

 You are finally moving! Tips and Tricks for Everyone!

Whether you are a first-time mover or a knowledgeable mover there’s always time to learn tips and tricks. I should know I have just moved and oh what a story I have.


Because I learnt a lot from the experience that I will be taking my own advice when I move next.


  1. Less stressed
  2. More organised
  3. Know more about what to do before moving.

Grab my freebie here to
help you!
So you get the moving date and you start panicking about what you need to do.

First, you do is not to panic but breathe and realise that the next chapter of your life is about to start and it's exciting.

Secondly, you then need to make a list of what needs to be done. This will include

  • Sorting out the places that you need to tell that you are moving
  • Picking the moving company that is right for you.
  • Sort out what you really want and need to take with you.
  • Packing up if you can.

After all that you can start the process of actually doing the stuff. Get my freebie here

So you have the date of the move and started breathing again after the initial shock.

The first thing to do is research and pick your moving company if you don’t have a family member or friend who can drive a van. If on the other hand you don’t and you have limited mobility. Then you must find a decent company that will help you with the packing.

Next, you need to sort out what places you need to notify that you are moving. This should be, all of your utility bills, as well as any government tax companies, bank, amazon, etc. As well as your friends and family.

A tip here is to sort out who you can do online meaning it can take a couple of hours or more depending on how many friends you have.
Also, you can inform various companies online like amazon.

When it comes to friends why not design a picture like the one below then send it via your favourite messenger. such as Facebook messenger or what’s app.

But if you have family members who prefer getting things in the post then why not print the design off and send it to them rather than sending a bought card saying you have moved or are about to move.

Finally, you start the process of actually choosing what you want to keep and then pack up.

At this point, you are ready to sort the things that you are keeping, chucking or giving to charity. Go by room by room, finishing each room before going to the next room. Remember that when sorting things out to ensure that you have enough boxes to take everything you need and want. This must include all your medical requirements.

So at this point, you should be feeling slightly better and organised. While getting ready for the move. If not well on your way to packing up your things for your new home.

if you haven't already grabbed my freebie
I know for certain I will be using this list when I move and good luck in your own home

Love and Peace

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