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So Much freedom

  I can't wait to put out more book reviews. It is so freeing. Since focusing more on my blog I have been able to focus on more books that are for pleasure. So although my last review was a self-help book in the post I really enjoyed it.  I chose the book because there were both aspects of education and pleasure. I think books should be for pleasure but also for learning. I know that when I was at school studying for my GCSEs I hated reading. I was only reading books that were for my exams and nothing for pleasure. Again I felt like that while reading business books when I was working in Multi-Level-Marketing or Network Sales. I know that they were important to read to help me grow as a business owner but I prefer to read for pleasure. Right now I am in the process of reading a new book to review which will be out soon. Unlike the last book, the book I am reading at the moment is for pleasure. I like a lot of different genres such as crime, mystery, biography, history and many