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Exercises or No Exercises That is the question?

  We are still in lockdown here in the UK and life has started to be a norm now. But is it going to be staying forever? Spring is also a couple of months away so making exercise difficult for anyone who is disabled. I am not a professional instructor however being a person with cerebral palsy the following is a set of exercises that I use myself to help maintain my level of agility. Despite having the condition. Please remember to consult your consultant and physiotherapist to ensure that these exercises are good for your own body. The whole situation of the virus is making things very difficult. Because of those of us who can walk even a little bit. Physiotherapy is a must even the littlest bit of stretching and movement is important especially as staying indoors limits the amount of exercise we can do. Simple exercises such as the bridge. Lie flat on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart, arms by your sides. Push your heels into the floor

Common Questions For Me!

  Are you tired of staring at people? 😫 You know the ones that are different from you! Are you curious to find out why that someone looks different to you? But you are scared to ask why they are different. Are they walking differently from the way you expect? And you are scared to ask why? Or are you one of those people who want to know why someone might be walking differently but are scared to ask why? Or were told it's rude to stare but are scared to ask! Don't worry I have got your back on this one 😀 Yes I know you are scared to ask those questions but that's ok I've got you!. Yes I know those are awkward questions. That's alright I know how you feel, we all feel the same. Even I get curious at times about what happened to them. That is passable just remember they are human too. They have feelings as much as anyone. When you have finished this post you will rethink! 🤔 You're walking down the street and from the corner of your eye you see s