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Sunday, May 1

A Smal Change

 When it was regarding this, I wanted to do a quick podcast and blog at the same time using Recording. So that I could actually be more productive and make sure that I have enough time for everything else throughout the day.

I wanted to talk about how things have really changed for me regarding things because life is a lot harder having any disability such as cerebral palsy which I have.

I also wanted to talk about how things have changed for me recently, as this is a general post for this week and I wanted to make sure that it was clear that I was talking about the changes for me. That's why it changes for me, at least. So I had started with Herbalife a while back. which is in Three Weeks With Herbalife. And I will be putting a stronger, more impactful post about that in the future.

Another one was to do with the way that exercises are to do with me as well. Which I've also mentioned. So my goodness. What a change, things have been. After a year of trying to get anxiety out of my situation and just living through a pandemic and a move, I felt better just living and trying to de-stress throughout that entire time. 

During that time I found that Fitbit was actually able to do exercises on top for disabled people now rather than just able people. So I have been doing a few of those exercises and made them my favourites on the app which you can get from Google Play and Apple iOS. 

And they will be put out on another exercise post that will connect to the original one that was done during the pandemic. Which is here exercise or no exercise. Here in the UK, we are coming out of the pandemic and back to almost normality.

A new place

A lot has happened since. But here I am. A different place. O lder and wiser than before. New things are coming slow and steady. Other thing...